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John - South Africa's biggest internet hog | The Tech Guru [Episode 05]

Episode 05

We are back with a new shorter version for you to listen to! Get up to date with the latest in the South Africa technology scene.

Today we will be discussing:

Vodacom’s service is getting horrible!
BitTorrent sync is the best app for business owners.
John – the biggest download hog of South Africa’s internet…

Vodacom’s service is getting horrible!

Is it just me, or is Vodacom losing lots of signal? Why do I only have 30% signal, Vodacom? Aren’t you the ‘best network for smartphones?’
Listen to my complaints in the show, and throw us a tweet (@PCHiccups) if you agree with us.

BitTorrent Sync is the best app for business owners, and also casual users.

BitTorrent has commercially launched their syncing app this week. In the show I go through all the features of the best syncing app on the market today.
Click here to read more or to download the app. It’s FREE, you have nothing to lose (except your time).

John – South Africa’s biggest internet hog…

This user, named John (for privacy reasons), is the biggest downloader on the Web Africa network. Listen to his amazing trick to win the Web Africa Macbook Air competition.



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Tech Guru Mix


Podcast 2


There is a new demand for more hardware power in today’s tech world. We simply can’t only have one application or program open at a time. We are approaching what I’d like to call “the quick fix”, a time where Apps, instead of loading, simply open. Why? because these services and programs are already in a low sleep state and just need to be woken up. Listen to the podcast for more information.

Cybersmarts new fiber service

Lightspeed service is Cybersmart’s attempt at bringing fiber into local South African markets at the shocking price of R11,999 and what you get for this high price is a stable, but otherwise slow 100Mbps internet connection. (more…)

The South African Technology Guru Podcast, Hosted by PC Hiccups. [Episode 00]


Who are we? What is this?

Grab some coffee and join us in a new adventure to host South Africa’s best Technology Podcast, every weekend – Saterday (GMT +2)

We aim to bring the most relevant technology news to the people of Southern Africa. We want you to join us to get the best tips for your business and home, wheter you are the CEO of some amazing company or just a casual user searching for a specific product or service.


Nine benefits WeChat is better than Whatsapp

WeChat the new messenger app, available on all mobile smart phones, including your computer – has features that outdoes most of the well-known messenger apps across all systems. Have a look as we are comparing it to Whatsapp. It has some quite nifty features.

1. Group Messaging on Whatsapp is restricted to just 30 members per group at a time, while on WeChat however, you have the option of adding up to 40 members per group at a time. Unlike Whatsapp, WeChat supports Video Call function over WiFi or 3G networks. You can now see each other while talking!

Whatsapp only supports video sharing, that allows to only send your already made video as a normal message, but not calling to one another.

2. Say goodbye to the regular hassle of typing and getting words wrong on your phone keypad. Using WeChat, you can just press the “Hold to Talk” button, record your message and it is sent. Don’t confuse it with Voice Search. Your message actually goes as a voice recording and not as text after voice search. As it is called on BBM – Voice Notes that you can send to each other, making the conversation more alive and faster.

Whatsapp also have this handy feature, by quickly sending voice notes to one another.

3. We all love emoticons! They’re the perfect way to express your mood. While Whatsapp Emoticons are much loved, WeChat goes a step further. You can take any image of your choice, convert, save and send it as an emoticon! We think that’s quite nice to do.

4. WeChat, unlike Whatsapp is not just another instant-messaging app. The app supports social network integration and you can link WeChat to your Facebook profiles too.

5. One reason we love Whatsapp is because it allows us to share images and video files so easily! But WeChat takes it 2 steps further. Using their special feature called ‘Moments’ you can share pictures not just with friends, but with anyone world wide – this is pretty much like using the Public feature on your Facebook profile.

6. WeChat is not restricted to your network of friends but also helps you in expansding the network. Using the Look Around feature, you can look at the active WeChat users in a particular area and connect with them. As already grown man, I felt that by making use of this feature feels that I am back on using Mxit  connecting with people I don’t know an making me open to strangers seeing my profile.

7. This is one feature we absolutely, simply love! The Drift Bottle features. You can throw bottles into the sea with voice or test message (once the drift bottle feature is activated) and someone from anywhere in the world will pick it! You can pick others bottles too. As this sounds like a nice feature to use, it is nowhere to be found any where on the app

8. Another fun feature is the Shake Feature. Users can just activate the feature and proceed to shake their phone. As they do that, if there’s anyone else anywhere in the world shaking their phones at that instant, their names will pop up on your list. Connect and start chatting.

9. This we think is the coolest feature ever. In office and can’t keep juggling between your PC and your phone? Don’t bother. Get WeChat on your PC. Simply log into the profile through your PC and continue your conversations. While a back-up is the conversation is created on your phone, all records are deleted from your system.

Initially I thought by myself that that’s what is the use of using WeChat, while I already have all the same features on Whatsapp, and all my contacts ready to chat to. It seems that I was under the wrong impression that WeChat isn’t better. It seems that making use of WeChat, messages is also going through way faster than your normal Whatsapp app can handle, because of the load Whatsapp never thought of.

Try it out for yourself, and make your own decision – we give the facts and you desicde.

Going Arabic

PC Hiccups goes Arabic

Logo - white

With our latest service we added, we just finished a clients basic website and design. We are proud to be included in the designing of this website, as it includes different culture styles and foods. Mediterranean Grilled  (www.mediterraneangrilled.co.za) is all about difference events, markets and food from:

  • Mediterranean
  • Middle eastern
  • Arabic

We were also fortunate enough to get the section where we did the designing of the coffees the client will be selling and use in the future restaurant that is still in planning. We also received some sample coffees to taste, as we are doing the package designing for the ground coffees.

Not to forget that we also did the logo design for the logo that will be used for any future branding purposes.
Foto klenerWith our graphics department, we have to say that our graphics team, especially, Saake Botha, who was assigned made the client speak volumes about the end website product.

We are also happy to say that it was quite nice to work with different cultures and food styles.

Working with different people, doing arrangements and the technical side. One learn so much, that is nice to have. It keeps this kind of business being a variety, never to get bored.

As always we would like to know what you think. Let us know!

Phone System in the Cloud

Office Connection is a fully hosted PBX business telephony solution. It is a better, simpler, more affordable phone system. And you can get it right now.

  • It sits in the cloud. You just need plug in your phones. And we do the rest. No bulky PBX equipment onsite with high setup and running costs.
  • It is the virtual switchboard so you manage all the calls in your office. Not just for office staff, but all staff working from home or on the road too.
  • It is your answer to a demanding work environment. Get 24/7 control online, real-time cost analysis and financial visibility and unified communications with SMS and faxes all on the same office number.


The dirtier - the better?

I want to pose a question:

How would you feel when you hot, dirty and all sweat up?

I already know your answer, and don’t you have to tell me. In another way your computer can’t speak and tell you how he feels. The only thing a computer can do is to stop working, and then it may be way too late to get it up and running again.