With our services, it is clear that we can assist you with almost anything computer related.

If you prefer personal, face-to-face interaction, you give us a call at any one of our numbers listed on our website. We have IT Engineers ready to assist you with any of the services listed below at your home, business or place of business.

ICT Services

1. Maintenance and Computer repair 4. Virus and Malware Removal 6. Computers and Operating Systems 9. Data Backup
1.1 Repair Computer Problems 4.1 Free Virus Scan 6.1 Microsoft Support 9.1 Data Backup by Support.com
1.2 Computer running slow 4.2 Virus Removal 6.2 Microsoft Windows Support 9.2 Data Storage Vs. Data Backup
1.3 Computer Shuts Down 4.3 Conficker Virus Removal 6.3 Install Windows
1.4 Computer That Doesn’t Boot 4.4 Malicious Software Tool 6.4 Windows 7 Support 10. Manage Files
1.5 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) 4.5 Trojan Virus Removal 6.5 Windows Vista Support 10.1 File Conversion
1.6 Computer Diagnostics 4.6 Malware Removal 6.6 Windows XP Support 10.2 Convert PDF Files
1.7 Internet Connection Speed Test 4.7 Spyware Removal 6.7 Windows Updates 10.3 PDF and Word Docs
1.8 Virus Scan 4.8 Keylogger Removal 6.8 ActiveX Install & Support 10.3 File Transfer
1.9 Optimization & Tune-up 4.9 Adware Removal 6.9 Service Packs 10.4 From One Computer to Another
1.10 RapidStart (start-up optimization) 4.10 Dogpile Removal 6.10 Desktop & Laptop Support 10.5 Music Files
1.11 Computer Maintenance 4.11 Rootkit Removal 10.6 Opening/Accessing Files
1.12 Defrag Computer 7. Data Recovery 10.7 Open PDF Files
1.13 Registry Clean & Repair 5. Devices and Peripherals 7.1 File Recovery
1.14 Format & Reformat Hard Drive 5.1 Watch TV on Computer 7.2 Recover Email Files 11. Email Help
5.2 Connect TV to Computer 7.3 Recover Excel Files 11.1 Set Up Email
2. Computer Networking 5.3 Bluetooth Devices 7.4 Recover Word Files 11.2 Email Faxes & Attachments
2.1 Home Networking 5.4 Mobile Devices 7.5 System Restore 11.3 Email Clients
2.2 Home Wireless Networking 5.5 Android 7.6 NTFS/FAT Recovery 11.4 MS Outlook Support
2.3 Internet Connection 5.6 iPhone 11.5 Remote Access
2.4 Wireless Internet Connection 5.7 Monitors & Screens 8. Software and Apps 11.6 Check Email from Anywhere
2.5 ADSL Modem Router Setup 5.8 Printers 8.1 Facebook Privacy 11.7 Check Email from Another Computer
2.6 Router Setup 5.9Printer Drivers 8.2 Microsoft Office Install & Support 11.8 Webmail
2.7 Connecting Two or More Computers 5.10 Keyboard & Mouse 8.3 Internet Browsers 11.9 ISP’s
5.11 Video 8.4 MS Explorer Install & Support
3. Computer Security 5.12 Audio 8.5 Mozilla Firefox Install & Support
3.1 Anti-Virus Protection 5.13 USB Devices 8.6 Javascript Support
3.2 Internet Security 8.7 Flash Player Install & Support
3.3 Wireless Security 8.8 Shockwave Install & Support
3.4 Computer Privacy 8.9 IM Install & Support
3.5 Computer Cookies 8.10 File Sharing Install & Support

It is important that you – the client has a custom website designed by us PC Hiccups with a professional website designer for your online business to succeed online, but also having all the services in place to run your business is even more important. 

We at PC Hiccups can offer you a full range of website design options listed below, development, security and online marketing services for any type of website. From our Portfolio we have created a few different high-quality websites. 

From 1 page starter sites, to highly complex, custom designed, database driven online applications, we can most. If you want to start out small and grow later, we can do that also. 

Web & Logo Designing

1. Custom Website Design 5. Logo Designing
1.1 Custom Colour Scheme 5.1 Visual Style
1.2 Own Unique Template 5.2 Custom Image
1.3 Unique Style To Suite Your Business 5.3 Custom colour
1.4 Incorporate Business Style 5.4 Basic & Advance Font’s
2. Basic & Advance Web Design 6. Graphic Design
2.1 Entry, Medium And Enterprise Hosting 6.1 Slider Designs
2.2 Basic Development 6.2 Social Media Graphics
2.3 One, Two Or Multiple Pages 6.3 Logo Design
2.4 E-commerce Integration 6.4 Corporate Style Incorporate
3. Search Engine Optimisation  7. Web Hosting
3.1 Google, Yahoo and Bing Listing 7.1 Basic, Medium Or Enterprise Hosting
3.2 Organic Ranking 7.2 Local Or International Hosting Server Space
3.3 First Page Listing 7.3 South Africa Or Germany
3.4 Basic Keyword Research 7.4 Web domains – co.za , .com , .org , .org.za ect.
4. Social Media Set-up
4.1 New Social Accounts
4.2 Graphics Accommodating Website
4.3 Website Integration

Video Tours & Animation

What We Do:

We create stunning virtual tour presentations designed to engage and impress your audience in turn helping you win big and setting you apart from the competition.

How We Do It:

  • Custom-made, branded virtual tour presentations
  • Striking visuals to capture attention
  • Compelling messages to tell your story
  • Illustrations and photography
  • Animation, interactivity and multimedia


Our current real estate agent company already took advantage of selling a property through virtual tours, that cost them nothing for the services of YouTube.

We make use of YouTube because people love videos. Having a video on YouTube or on your Website is a good way to influence your target market. Now with YouTube, the benefit of adding video content has increased for nearly any business, small or large.

Videos can easily be shared to any social network, smart phone or nowadays by making use of a QR Code – even in the newspaper. By doing this – this is increasing your visibility on the internet, and gives you the opportunity to market for a variety of people, who may not look at Property 24 or any other local property website or newspaper.

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