1.2 Are you Running a slow computer

Do you ever wonder, “What is the reason for my slow computer?” 

A slow computer that operates slow, can be rather exasperating. If you are experiencing a slow computer with the response when you click on your computer or browse the internet and it is slow, this could be “spyware and adware running in the background”.  To be sure if that is the case, the best is to get an technical engineer to check out your slow computer to make sure you don’t have any spyware, adware or any malware running on your slow computer.

Our technical engineers here at PC Hiccups are experts in the field of knowing what they have to apply or look out for. At PC Hiccups we know what service to provide of which our technical engineers can make your slow computer regaining the speed. We are also capable of doing  the following:

  1. Defragmentation of your hard drive.
  2. Cleaning of your registry.
  3. Optimization on your Windows.
  4. Remove unnecessary programs from the Windows startup.
  5. Disk clean-up.
  6. Spyware, adware and malware removal.
  7. Memory (RAM) problems.
  8. Issues with your Operating System.
  9. Faulty peripheral drivers.
  10. Hard Drive stability check-up.

Over time of using your computer, it accumulates dust as you are adding and deleting data (information) on your computer. At PC Hiccups, we are capable of repairing your slow computer.

Making use of our services that includes cleaning your registry and getting your hard drive (computer) defragged will help speed up your slow computer to regain the ability to become faster.

Please note that if you intend on being your own technical guru by cleaning out our own computer by deleting information – remember that it can damage your already slow computer, please be careful or otherwise call one of our technical engineers to assist in the process, as we can make it real easy for you.

Repairing a slow computer is the same as flushing your car’s radiator – once it is cleaned out, it can operate effectively and efficiently.

Computer Repair Done By Our Onsite Engineers

By calling us we at PC Hiccups can give you excellent support with your slow computer you require. Many local computer repair shops have little if any qualification requirements to work on a computer. Are you will to take the risk? – We would not.

At PC Hiccups, we require that all of our technical engineers know exactly what they are doing. They can assist you with your home computer repair, our engineers must first pass a series of incredibly rigorous tests. By setting high standards, PC Hiccups guarantee  that you are getting only the best computer repair service from our Pretoria North Branch.

All of our engineers for your convenience are full time employees residing right here in the Northern of Pretoria, South Africa.

Want To Know Who We Are – Why Are We Better?  

At PC Hiccups whenever you have slow computer, we can make sure you do not have any spyware, adware or malware on your slow computer, to regain the speed of the slow computer. Extensively we can do a routine checkup to make sure your don’t have any other errors that may slow of the computer that you may not know of at present.

Turn to call us today.

We have been helping clients with slow computers since the day we started, and would love to come and repair your slow computer.

Why do you like to struggle with your slow computer. Give us a call at PC Hiccups today and let us turn your slow computer into something of the past and make you a happy client.

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