1.6 Computer Diagnostics

Allow us to run diagnostics on your computer. 

The truth is that, when your computer is crashing or you have a problem, and not possible to work on the computer, this mean that you are only frustrated. With our computer diagnostic test, we will be able to tell you what your problem is.

At PC Hiccups we can run our extensive computer diagnostics test to repair your computer form the problems you are experiencing.

At PC Hiccups as part of our service delivery we can also offer you our tune-up service to repair your slow computer, errors or any other problem you may experience.

Our technical engineer are aware of the fact the  every client  operates with different hardware and software on the computer, that is why we will give you specialize computer diagnostics treatment which suits your computer.

We can assist with: 

  1. Computer viruses.
  2. Laptop maintenance and desktop problems.
  3. Computer networking.
  4. Wireless networking.
  5. Repairing slow computers.
  6. Software and applications installations.
  7. Memory problems.
  8. Operating system errors.
  9. Printer driver and updates problems.
  10. System boot up problem.
  11. File Recovery.
  12. System Restore.

Nowadays hard drives are much more effective, not to speak about efficient those of previous years. Today is it also more difficult to tell when your hard drive is going to fail. With a computer diagnostics test on the hard drive, we at PC Hiccups will be able to give you more information regarding your computer and its state.

Computer Diagnostics Done By Our Onsite Engineers 

By calling us we at PC Hiccups can give you excellent support with your computer by running a diagnostics test service as you require it. Many local computer repair shops have little if any qualification requirements to work on a computer. Are you will to take the risk? – We would not.

At PC Hiccups, we require that all of our technical engineers know exactly what they are doing. They can assist you with your home or business computer, our engineers must first pass a series of incredibly rigorous tests. By setting high standards, PC Hiccups guarantee  that you are getting only the best computer diagnostics service from our Pretoria North Branch.

All of our engineers for your convenience are full time employees residing right here in the Northern of Pretoria, South Africa.

Want To Know Who We Are – Why Are We Better? 

At PC Hiccups whenever you need a computer diagnostics checkup to know why you have a slowing system, turn and call us today. We have been assisting people with their computer problems for a long time.

Why do you like to struggle with a computer problem. Give us a call at PC Hiccups today and let us get the computer diagnostics service you require.

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