Plasma and LCD Televisions

We often wonder. What is the difference between a Plasma screen television and a LCD television? The outward appearance of the LCD and plasma are very confusing to the untrained eye as they both are very thin televisions. The only difference is the technology that is used to differ them

What is a Plasma Television?

Plasma television technology is similar to the technology used in a fluorescent light bulb. Neon xenon gas is injected and sealed in plasma form during the manufacturing processes.  This gas is injected in cells in the display of the plasma.  The gas is urged to give off an electric charge at specific intervals when the television is in use. It is this charged gas that when ignited forms the pixels, thus creating the colors we see on the plasma television.

What is a LCD Television?

The technology used in a LCD TV is the same technology used in cell phones and computer monitors. It runs off a same basic liquid crystal display. LCD panels consists of 2 layers that are polarized and are glued together. Electric current is once again passed through individual crystals. These crystals pass o prevent light which then produces the images we see.

Plasma TV or standard televisions (crt) has phosphorous that light up. LCD televisions do not operate this way. The nature of LCD technology has n radiation which is emitted from the screen unlike traditional televisions.

There is an ongoing debate between LCD or plasma televisions. PC Hiccups are keen supporters of the latter (LCD). Interestingly enough most manufacturers are now cutting manufacture on Plasma Televisions.

PC Hiccups technicians can repair any fault on either a LCD television or either a Plasma Screen television.

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