hplaserjetprinterPrinters has become such a vital piece of electronic equipment that most people cannot do without. We print everything. Photos, booklets, information, boardroom meeting notes etc. Pc Hiccup’s technicians are well versed and capable in doing the following:

  1. Setting up of printers
  2. Printer drivers
  3. Printer networking
  4. Printer repairs
  5. Printers behaving erratically
  6. Printer set up
  7. Printer offline
  8. Printers & scanners
  9. Printer resolution problems
  10. Printer installation
  11. Printer offline problems


What is a printer?

A printer is a machine for printing text or pictures and is normally coupled to a computer.

PC Hiccups technicians can assist with the following printers:

Ink Jet Printer: An inkjet printer prints characters or even images by using a nozzle or what we call a jet. It sprays patterns of ink on the paper. These nozzles has fine holes from which a specially made ink. This ink gets pumped out or sprayed out to create various letters and shapes. The ink comes out of the nozzle in a form of vapors. The ink of the ink jet printer passes through a reflection plate and forms the letters or images needed.

Character Printer:  A dot matrix is a good example of a character printer.  It gets its name from the fact that it only prints one character at a time.  It prints characters as a combination of dots. A dot matrix printers are the most popular among serial printers.  These printers have pins on the print head of the printer which forms the characters. Although it is a very popular serial printer, it is a very slow printer and rarely used in today’s fast and enhanced technology.

Non-Impact Printers: There are 2 types of non-impact printers i.e. laser printers and inkjet printers. We have discussed inkjet printer above already. Non-impact printers are very popular as they are fast and provide better quality of O/P at higher speeds.

Laser Printer: Laser printers are a type of non-impact printers. Laser printers derives its name from the word laser. The laser beam produces an image on a drum. A laser printer is very popular and laser toner cartridges are very easily obtained. The main characteristics of laser printer is their resolution. We normally work on dots per inch (dpi). Laser printer are much quieter than dot matrix. They are also relatively fast and very popular.

For fast, reliable and professional service for any printer problem, call PC Hiccups.

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