1.4 Problem – Computer don’t want to boot up

Do you have problems with your computer that doesn’t want to boot up? 

Contact us today at PC Hiccups regarding your computer, in that way we can help you with your computer operating system to keep it safe so it can boot up.

Do you have a problem when you boot up your computer? 

It make sense that booting up your computer is not the same as when you are switching on your lights at home. Booting up your computer is a technical process that makes use of starting up your CPU, hard drive and loading your operating system (Windows), as well as the BIOS (basic input output system).

However, when you already have a problem residing on your computer, it doesn’t mean that your computer will not boot from now on – no.

Upon your computer booting up, you have to make sure that you hear a series of beeps which is telling if your computer is failing at the boot up. The beeps gives our technical engineers or anyone who understand the beeps assistance in what is wrong with your computer hardware.

Three short beeps could mean your computer will not boot, it may be that the memory or any other kind of hardware have a problem. Ever Motherboard manufacturer of the BIOS make use of different beep system codes to tell you what the problem may be when your computer don’t want to boot up.

Are you wondering where you will get help with your boot up problem upon your computer turns on by itself, but your Windows Operating System doesn’t want to boot up or you have any other problem, make sure to talk to one of our technical engineers who can repair your errors for you.

Remember – trying to repair the problem yourself or to figure out what the alerts may mean, can damage the computer even more – be caucuses when you are doing it by yourself.

Get in contact with PC Hiccups as one of our technical engineers  are capable of diagnosing the computer to find out what the problem or error might be about your computer boot up.

Are you struggling to get your computer to boot up?

Remember that the following may be wrong when your computer struggles with the boot up process:

  1. Motherboard / BIOS: Your computers motherboard or BIOS may be damage or be set out, and the computer is struggling to find your hard drive to boot up the correct way.
  2. Hard drive: You computers hard drive may be damage or simply not plugged in when your computer want to boot up – the cable of the hard drive might be faulty, or starting to be faulty.
  3. Virus: Again your computer might be infected with a virus that keeps your computer from booting up. Virus are capable of doing almost anything with your computer, even damage the hardware.

To troubleshoot your computer boot up process, it can also mean that other devices or hardware are keeping it from booting up correctly. Some printer or other devices connected to the computer can have an influence during your boot up process. It is recommendable to unplug all devices when your computer boot up.

Computer Repair Done By Our Onsite Engineers

By getting in contact with us at PC Hiccups we can give you excellent support with computer boot up problem that you require. Many local computer repair shops have little if any qualification requirements to work on a computer. Are you will to take the risk? – We would not.

At PC Hiccups , we require that all of our technical engineers know exactly what they are doing. They can assist you with your home computer that struggles to boot up, our engineers must first pass a series of incredibly rigorous tests. By setting high standards, PC Hiccups guarantee  that you are getting only the best computer repair service from our Pretoria North Branch.

All of our engineers for your convenience are full time employees residing right here in the Northern of Pretoria, South Africa.

Want To Know Who We Are – Why Are We Better?

At PC Hiccups whenever you need a computer boot up repair or a routine checkup to speed up a slowing system, turn and call us today. We have been assisting people with their computer boot up problems for a long time.

Why do you like to struggle with a computer boot up process?  Give us a call at PC Hiccups today and let us get the computer service you require.

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