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Computer technology can be extremely convenient when it operate the way it was mend to be, while it can also be extremely frustrating when you experience a computer problem. If you are having a computer problems, you don’t need to worry because PC Hiccups is here to make it real easy for you.

By contacting us, we can repair your computer problems for you, as we helped all our previous satisfied clients.

With our easy to remember office number, making contact with us is real easy.

Here at PC Hiccups our of technical engineers will be able to help you repair computer problems. We have supported a lot of clients regarding there computer problems, especially based on computers which operates incorrectly.

From time to time almost every computer return a problem sometime in it live. Upon adding and deleting information (data), Old electronic information builds up and slows your computer down, basically the same way with a car that needs oil replacement. Much the same like your pipes in your kitchen or bathroom that starts to block slowly over years and years of soap scum that sticks, unless it is thoroughly cleaned out by a specialist that know what to do, it will stay a problematic area in your live. The same with your computer problem.

With the help of our technical engineers at PC Hiccups, we can clean out your computer problem, and optimize it by running our extensive diagnostic checkup and optimizing technology to repair your computer problem – real efficiently.

PC Hiccups servicing your computer problem

Do you think that house calls are out-dated? You should think again. We at PC Hiccups know that you don’t like to lurgg your computer problem out to the local computer shop to get it repaired. This process takes time which you rather could spend around your home or office.

Yes, it is a mission as you have to drag everything down to get it plug back in later, not knowing where everything should be, not even to mention how many days you have to wait to get your computer serviced.

Don’t wait, PC Hiccups makes it real easy for you – we can send you a technical engineer to service your problematic computer at home or at your business. We come to you!

Save time from all the hassle of running to the local computer shop to get your computer serviced.

Our extra valued added service from PC Hiccups

As mentioned above, our extensive diagnostic checkup also include the following:

  1. Remove computer viruses.
  2. Small or big, we address all general computer problems.
  3. File recovery from any loss information.
  4. Remove spyware and adware.
  5. Update, replace or repair any drivers.
  6. Driver problems with Monitor or Display errors.
  7. Service a hijacked computer – hacked computer.
  8. Device connections (peripherals).
  9. Restore your system (system restore).
  10. Computer startup errors.
  11. Computer memory (RAM) errors.
  12. Speed up slow computers – Optimization.

Service computer problems – real easy and effectively.

To better describe how we at PC Hiccups operates from day-to-day, we asked one of our technical engineers to explain an average day. Please explain to us Robert.

As from my point of view, people don’t what to expect when they make their call to PC Hiccups. Most, if not all clients expect to be a computer expert themselves to tell us what is happening on there computer at home or at the office.

That is not the case at all. Recently, I received a call from a client, a wonderful friendly woman in Dorandia, did not have a clue about anything more than the computer that wouldn’t run on and then freeze upon startup.

Firstly, as technical as I am – I had the thought of it might be a computer virus, as I wasn’t sure at all. As I ran through the computer scanning the slow computer, I told her I was able to repair the computer problem when she came back from the kitchen.

It came to that her computer was overly populated with all kinds of viruses, that not only freeze her computer, but made it very slow.

After thoroughly cleaning the computer from all the viruses, she was very happy – which makes me also satisfy about my service and work.

Liza has been with us over one year now under our client database and still returning with a happy smile, knowing it will only take us a few minutes to resolve her computer problems.

Computers problems can be an indication that you may have viruses on your computer, and that is the first thing our technical engineers troubleshoots.

Computer Problems Service Done By Our Onsite Engineers 

By calling PC Hiccups we can give you excellent support with you computer problem that you are experiencing. Many local computer repair shops have little if any qualification requirements to work on a computer. Are you will to take the risk? – We would not.

At PC Hiccups, we require that all of our technical engineers know exactly what they are doing. They can assist you with your home computer problems, our engineers must first pass a series of incredibly rigorous tests. By setting high standards, PC Hiccups guarantee  that you are getting only the best computer service from our Pretoria North Branch.

All of our engineers for your convenience are full time employees residing right here in the Northern of Pretoria, South Africa.

Want To Know Who We Are – Why Are We Better?

At PC Hiccups whenever you have computer problems, we do a routine checkup to make sure your don’t have any other computer problems that you may not know of at present.

Turn to call us today.

We have been assisting clients with computer problems, just like Liza’s case.

Why do you like to struggle with computer problems. Give us a call at PC Hiccups today and let us turn your computer problems into something of the past and make you a happy client.

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