four-way-upsWhat is a UPS?

A UPS is an uninterrupted power supply that allows a computer to run when the main primary power supply source is lost. You can run your computer on. UPS for at last an hour to a half once the power source is lost.

A UPS also provides protection from power surges.

PC Hiccups will first make sure that your UPS is not dead before we ask you to rather recycle it. We might be able to repair it in a nick of time. In many cases it’s the battery and not the actual UPS that’s faulty. Most UPS’s uses a 12v 7ah battery and will not work with a 8ah.

If the UPS is still under warranty, PC Hiccups will also inform you.

We deal with many UPS problems and we are well equipped to sort them all out.

  1. We can replace your UPS battery for you.
  2. We can repair your UPS for you
  3. We can repair your UPS circuit for you.
  4. We can change your UPS fuses.



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